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Do You Dip Your Almonds? To Soak or Not to Soak?

How to Make Almond Milk Without Soaking

What’s the deal with soaking almonds before making almond milk? People eat almonds out of packages and containers every day. Why is it that most all almond milk recipes say soak the almonds for six hours to twenty four hours? What if you don’t have time to soak almonds? Is there really a difference between drinking almond milk made without soaking and munching down on a cup of almonds? Won’t the almonds be soaking as almond milk for days afterwards anyway?

The Reason for Soakinghow to make almond milk

The idea behind soaking almonds is this – almonds, as tree nuts, contain enzymes inhibitors that basically prevent the almonds from sprouting.

Soaking almonds releases the enzymes. Accordingly, the soaking process makes almonds easier to digest since the nut enzyme inhibitors are broken down. This can get a lot more complicated but that’s the basic reason for soaking almonds prior to making almond milk.

The other reason for soaking almonds is that soaked almonds are softer and easier to grind for almond milk. Some also say soaking almonds makes a creamier almond milk.

Do I Have to Do This?

So do you have to soak almonds prior to making almond milk? Can you make almond milk without soaking the almonds?

The answer is without a doubt you don’t have to soak almonds prior to making almond milk if you’re using a blender or food processor. It is entirely functionally possible to make almond milk without soaking. Try it for yourself just once. Even a mid grade blender will make almond milk out of almonds not soaked.

For many people it’s just common to soak almonds prior to making almond milk. It seems to make sense even if just to make the almonds softer. Since it is entirely possible to make almond milk without soaking the almonds, if you are still curious about soaking or not soaking, you should try it both ways.


Give It A Try

Go for Almond MilkTo make almond milk without soaking the almonds, take any of these instructions and skip the soaking:

How to Make Almond Milk in Blender

How to Make Almond Milk in a Food Processor 

How to Make Almond Milk Using Almond Butter

How to Make Strawberry Almond Milk 

Homemade almond milk using a Breville juicer

Homemade almond milk using a Breville juicer

The Big Exception 

If you are using a juicer to make almond milk, then yes, you must soak the almonds. This is because almonds are too hard to pass through a juicer without soaking them. If you don’t soak almonds prior to juicing you run the risk of breaking your juicer. See the instructions and photos about how to make almond milk in a juicer.



It seems like everyone is convinced that soaking almonds prior to making almond milk is necessary for health reasons. That may or may not be true and it could be different for different people. The fact is that almond milk can be made and consumed without soaking the almonds. There are so many different ways to make almond milk and it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Eliminating the soaking makes the whole process of making almond milk easier and faster.

Can You Freeze Almond Milk?

Can You Freeze Almond Milk? Why and How

almond milk

Almonds spell almond milk. Give it a try

Yes, you can freeze almond milk. Read on for why and how.

To be clear this refers to homemade almond milk involving the simple process of grinding almonds in water not commercially produced almond milk. Homemade almond milk seems to do everything that water does – warm, froth and freeze.

So why would you want to freeze almond milk? Since homemade almond milk does not include preservatives it lasts about five days in a refrigerator. With that being the case, depending on how much almond milk is made versus consumed, it may be ideal to consider freezing almond milk.  Freezing almond milk preserves the freshness and quality of the almond milk until you are ready to use it.


frozen almond milk

Can you freeze almond milk? Yes. Take a look

Tips On Freezing Almond Milk

1. Strain first – depending on how you are making almond milk, be sure you have strained all the almond pulp out of the almond milk

2. Storage – use a glass container, another type of airtight container, plastic freezer bags or ice cube trays can also be used to freeze almond milk!

Tips On Thawing Almond Milk

Do it in the refrigerator. Frozen almond milk takes time to defrost. It could take half a day or more to defrost in the refrigerator. If you need your frozen almond milk to thaw faster you could try other methods to defrost the almond milk.


freeze almond milk

Here’s the same frozen almond milk thawed out and ready to drink. You’d never know this was previously frozen almond milk.

What About Taste?

For some reason people think freezing almond milk alters the taste. There should not be any difference to taste or quality after freezing and defrosting almond milk.

Try It

There’s absolutely no reason to fear freezing almond milk. So next time you make a batch of almond milk and you need more time to consume it – throw it in the freezer!

Is Almond Milk Gluten Free?

These days ‘gluten free’ is on every possible product label. You can even find the words gluten free on the labels of products that are obviously gluten free! It’s almost like you wouldn’t even be thinking about that particularly product having gluten if the words ‘gluten free’ weren’t on the package.

The question of gluten is important because there are some people who have gluten intolerance. There are others who simply want to reduce or avoid gluten in their diet.  So let’s get into the question- is almond milk gluten free?

Is Almond Milk Gluten Free?

Almond milk is a plant-based milk so it makes sense to wonder if almond milk is gluten free.

The answer is yes, homemade almond milk, like dairy milk, is gluten free. Homemade almond milk does not contain wheat or grains so this makes it gluten free. In fact, almond flour can be used in place of wheat flour for gluten free cooking.

Gluten essentially comes from wheat. Almonds are tree nuts or seeds not grains or wheat. So whether you have a gluten intolerance or if you are just avoiding gluten, almond milk is gluten free! Since dairy milk is also gluten free, those interested in almond milk should find gluten free almond milk to be an added bonus.

So have no fear and feel free to make almond milk and drink it up.

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